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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 21, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PST

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he has an i.q. of 70. but georgia set as very high standard for proving mental disability. judges found hill did not meet that standard. he was granted a reprieve on tuesday. powerful winter storm now moving across the midwest, more than a foot of snow expected in kansas, arkansas and missouri could see large ice storms which will likely cause power outages. snow felt at a rate of two inches per hour in kansas arriving with lightning and thunder. snowplows couldn't keep up. giant sinkhole swallowed two cars in page, arizona. 150 feet of highway. the road obviously now cloised for repairs. the detour takes drivers 50 miles off course. >> first lady michelle obama and big bird team up in getting kids healthy and active. >> we're here in the white house kitchen looking for a healthy snack to eat. >> gee, i bet you can get
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everything you want in this kitchen. >> you know what i like to reach for? healthy, colorful snacks like justy fruits and crunchy vegetables. >> those look good. >> it marks the third anniversary of let's move, mrs. obama's initiative to make sure kids grow up healthy and reach their full potential. >> jerry bus was so beloved. his memorial service success televised live today. before last night's case kobe bryant called him the greatest owner in sports and led fans in a moment of silence. he was 80 when he died monday. thanks for watching. newsroom international is next. >> welcome into newsroom international. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michaelle holmes. >> we begin in south africa. oscar pistorius will not get out on bail today. his court hearing adjourned
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without a decision on whether to let the olympic star out of jail. so charged with murdering his girlfriend. also police pulled the lead detective off the case today. very strange development. full details and we're live from south africa in just a minute. a search is under way for a 34-year-old navy s.e.a.l. the sailor got separated from his unit but they are not releasing any other information about the incident at the moment. the u.s. coast guard and local crews are helping with the search. we'll update with the details of this story as soon as they become available. >> a gunfight, a car crash on the las vegas strip killed three people today. check out the pictures. pretty dramatic. police say someone in an suv fired at police inside a maserati. that car blew through an intersection. the taxicab caught fire killing the driver and passenger.
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the maserati's driver also died. no word yet on what actually led to the shooting. oscar pistorius not going to be let out of jail at least not today. the bail hearing end ad couple of hours ago. the judge putting off a decision. another strange development. >> this is day three going into day four in this murder case. we'll go to pretoria, south africa, police removing the lead investigator after a revelation that came out of nowhere. robin, extraordinary develops. this just goes on and on. >> reporter: i want does, doesn't it. it is like a television drama, csi south africa somebody says. it gets so bizarre because that lead investigator who took over, who took the stand yesterday gave quite an embarrassing bit of evidence on the stand. it turns out he's been charged
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with seven counts of attempted murder himself. now, of course, the police coming out and saying we now are going to remove him from the case, put one of the top detectives on the case now. but essentially this points to bungling perhaps of the case and somebody asked the police commissioner if they were embarrassed, this is what she had to say. >> embarrassing. there is nothing embarrassing for us as police because that's the judgment you're taking and you have that judgment. at this point in time i don't know when we talk about embarrassing and we talk about great performance. i'm not a judge. we can't say. that's not for us to judge. it's for that court to judge whether it was a mistake or poor
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performance. >> okay. here inside the private private magistrate court there were some bizarre twists and turn. again very dramatic and compelling evidence coming throughout the day. i'll bring in a law professor just to take us through some of the key points. i was in that courtroom and it was riveting. for me it seemed like the state was really punching holes in fence. >> you must remember that oscar pistorius has to convince tha t
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m magistrate. >> remember the defense must prove the exceptional circumstances. they need everything and anything they can use to corroborate their version. forensics one way to do so and that's probably the reason why they went about as they did. >> they also paint ad picture of oscar pistorius as a violent person, incidents where he perhaps assaulted somebody or threatened them and accidental shooting of a gun in a restaurant. they are trying to paint a picture of him as beyond the golden boy. >> the state must prove premeditated murder. in order to do so they can't paint a picture of a happy go lucky world famous athlete. they must prove to the court that this is an offender. that this is a murderer. yeah. >> thank you so much.
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of course we'll be back here tomorrow. it's hoped according to many people, close to the case that there will be a final judgment, there will be something from the magistrate. >> also covering other stories a car bomb exploding in the heart of damascus. >> this appears to be targeting the headquarters of the syrian government ruling party the baath party. >> ivan watson is covering the story. ivan, does anybody claim responsibility for what happened today? >> reporter: no. we haven't had any claims of responsibility yet. we certainly know this was a massive blast, according to all the video evidence that's emerged. devastated this square, damaging buildings all around it and hurling cars, setting fire to more than a dozen of them. the syrian state news is reporting that some 63 people have been killed in this blast
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and more than 200 wounded and some of the casualties are school children since there are at a least two schools in the nearby vicinity. take a listen to what some of the survivors were telling syrian state tv today, suzanne. >> translator: this is terrorism. this is murder. this cannot be endorsed by islam. may god curse them. they come and kill our women and children and claim that it is in the name of islam. what kind of islam are they talking about? >> translator: to the free syrian army i am from iraq. car blew up when i was in the area. why? why? may god curse you. is this the freedom that they want? may god curse you? >> reporter: so we hear there are people, survivors condemning not only the free syrian army but also a hard line islamist
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group that's been labeled the terrorist organization by the u.s. government. that's the nusra front. nope claims of responsibility thus far. in the past the nusra front has claimed responsibility for car bombings in damascus. another syrian opposition group in exile, it has publish ad statement, suzanne, condemning this act calling it a heinous crime. >> ivan, thank you. that bomb was absolutely huge. >> it's interesting. he mentioned the nusra front. this is the organization where we're talking whether the u.s. should arm rebels and who those arms should go to. that's who we're talk to. whether they are linked to al qaeda. >> and just to hear that woman, unbelievable. los angeles hotel guests are upset now. they were drinking water from a water tank that had a daddy body
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in it. >> this is a body of a 21-year-old canadian tourist. she had been missing for weeks. today the health department now looking into whether the water was actually harmful for the guests in the hotel. >> the hotel has had a bizarre past that actually includes serial killers. >> it tasted horrible. it had a very funny, disgusting taste. it's very, very strange taste. i can barely describe it. >> michael and sabina tourists from the uk never imagined the taste. the canadian woman came to los angeles january 26th. then she disappeared january
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21st. >> there was something wrong. the pressure in the water was terrible. the shower was awful. >> the hotel's maintenance man responding to guest's complaints went to check the four rooftop tanks that feed the buildings main water supply. tanks that is unlocked but the rooftop is locked to guests. a maintenance man found lamb's body inside one of the tanks at the bottom. >> it made me sick. knowing we've been drinking this water for eight days. >> makes you physically sick. more than that you feel psychologically, you think about it and it's not good. >> the l.a. county defendant health said the hotel was on an order of flush only. a reasonable solution if the hotel provides bottled water. the hotel would not speak to cnn but did notify guests about a quote and health and safety condition. guests tell us if they leave
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they don't get a refund. if they stay they must sign this legal agreement releasing the hotel of legal liability. it says if guests stay, quote, you do so at your own risk and peril. this gruesome discovery in the latest chapter for a dark history. two serial killers have lived here including the night stalker found guilty of killing 13 people in the 1980s. he lived on the 14th floor host tell. >> he was living here during his killing spree, going out at night and killing people. >> this is just the latest unusual chapter? >> i it is. it's the sort of thing hard to forget because it's such a graphic and disturbing story. >> very graphic and disturbing. later on today we'll find out what the health department has to say. >> can you imagine that? >> you find out that's what is it. here's more of what we're working on this hour. thousands of companies hacked.
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. . welcome back. the daring heist at the brussels airport, the stuff of movies. managed to steal $50 million worth of diamonds from a plane as it sat on the tarmac. >> the whole operation happened in a matter of minutes. unloading these diamonds wasn't as fast. >> don't move! >> reporter: straight a hollywood movie, masked gunman commandeering a vehicle. they managed to steal the
9:17 am
diamonds now they just have to sell them. >> you don't get 50 million or more in diamonds and then say how do you get rid of it. you arrange beforehand to do that. >> reporter: usually with the help of fence, illegal wholesalers to buy diamonds for less than they are worth and selling them at a profit. >> whoever thinks they are buying bargain basement diamonds should be careful because we'll be able to find them sooner or later. >> reporter: these stolen diamonds might be sold 30 cents on a dollar. >> you're talking india, israel countries that have very large diamond facilities. >> reporter: but the thieves will have to make sure the diamonds don't get traced. >> if they conceal some piece of it for some period of time they may not want to get rid of it at once. it may be too difficult. there's not a lot of people who that have means to come up with payment that quickly. >> reporter: they will be up against state-of-the-art
9:18 am
technology. some polished diamonds have a unique fingerprint allowing them to be matched in an international database. >> actually very simple. we just place the diamond, table them on the optical glass. we center it. we close the door. and we run it. >> reporter: retailers are strict about the diamonds they buy. demanding a grading report which lists each stone's unique characteristics possibly identifying stolen ones. >> you won't accept any diamond from anyone coming to sale diamond to you without this report. >> that's correct. it has to have a report showing it's gone through the right institutions. >> reporter: even stolen diamonds can have certificates and thieves will have diamonds recut. >> people they are stoerlg corrupt people. they are not selling it in the open market to the normal buyer.
9:19 am
>> reporter: it's in every diamond and jeweller best interest, the price of diamond could fall and that impacts the history as a whole. might be nice if the price of diamonds came down a bit. i like the guy says be very concerned if you get offered a cheap diamond. yeah, how much? >> so, do you fish? >> i love fishing. >> this is called fish fraud. smoked salmon, 90% of the fish we eat in this country comes from somewhere else. >> even if you thought otherwise. a new report reporting a third of the time the fish you think you're buying is actually something else all together. we'll tell you what really is in that tuna can coming up next. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million
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. all right. we have a warning for all you guys who love seafood. the snapper or tuna you bought may not be the real thing. >> a new study a third of the time you buy fish in the united states you are not getting what you pay for. you're getting substitutions. we're talk being fish fraud. >> you've been all over this study here. tell us who is this group and how did they find it out? >> reporter: the group is called oceana and they sent volunteers and staffers to different restaurants and grocery stores and had them take samples of fish and sent them out for dna testing. >> what did they find? >> so what they found, unfortunately, one-third of the time that consumers were not getting the fish they thought they were paying for. salmon lovers can rest easily because for the most part they were getting what they were supposed to get. if they were ordering snapper
9:24 am
that was often being substituted for much less expensive fish. if they were ordering tuna it was substituted for something called white tuna which is something called escolar. and grouper was being substituted for something for four other varieties of grouper or other kinds of fish that had been flagged for excess mercury. >> this doesn't sound good. if you're not getting what you paid for but also being misled there's something not quite right with the fish? >> 91% of the fish we're eating in the u.s. is actually imported. that includes fish that was caught here and sent overseas for processing. that's a really, really long food chain. and deception can happen along the way. it can happen anywhere from the boat to somebody mislabelling
9:25 am
fish at the restaurant. >> how do you make sure you get what you pay for? >> well the great thing is that there are a lot of people who are doing the right thing. you can make sure to patronize stores and fish mongers who are registered with these advocacy groups. go to your fish monger and make sure you're getting something from the whole fish. the further it gets from the whole fish the harder it is to determine where it comes from. like diamonds if the price is too good to be truie too good to be trui true, it pry is. get to know the people who sell you your fish and ask many questions. there's a lot of people doing the right thing. don't punish them. so make sure they are still getting your business. >> you couldn't help notice
9:26 am
that. >> we like the whole bourbon thing we were talking about on monday. >> thank you. appreciate it. all right. >> now after banning american families from adopting russian children, they are pushing for a complete ban on international adoptions. >> we'll drou to orphans whose futures hang in the balance. that when we come back. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. [ barking ] ♪ come on, boy! [ barks ] ♪ oh, heavenly day here we go. ♪ cha-cha-cha ♪ don't you know that i love ya ♪ ♪ cha-cha-cha-cha-cha ♪ always thinking of ya ♪ all around the world
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welcome back to newsroom international. we take you around the world in "60 minutes." >> south africa of course oscar pistorius murder case. police today pulling the lead investigator off the case and replacing him. it turns out the man who was leading the investigation is himself facing attempted murder charges. in syria's capital a car bomb exploded killing 53 people, injuring more than 200. the target the headquarters of the government's ruling party in damascus. several schools are nearby. some of the casualties were reportedly children. >> terrible explosion. news today that negotiations with iran are about to kick into high gear in the hopes of slowing down the nuclear program there. western officials tells cnn they are prepared to make iran what they are calling a serious offer of new economic incentives.
9:30 am
in exchange iran would have to close down an underground uranium facility. >> western officials optimistic about the new offer. john kerry the new secretary of state has publicly spoken in favor of negotiating with iran. and in russia 130,000 children who need homes. but americans cannot adopt them. that's because the country has banned adoptions from the united states. >> and there are many in russia who disagree with that. the kids, of course they are caught in the middle. >> reporter: sonya is only 8 years old but she already knows a lot about love and rejection. she was given up at birth, adopted not long after but then returned to the orphanage when she was 5 because her adopted parents realized she had learning difficulties. i would like to go back to my family she says. i love them. and they just left me.
9:31 am
this young boy spend most of his day in his wheelchair. he has spina bifida. he wants his condition to be cured so he can be adopted. this 6-year-old doesn't know why he was given up at birth. he said my parents kicked me out of the family. i want a new family because then you have parents. these children live in a moscow orphanage. some with disabilities. most don. they are among russia's 130,000 orphans. in 2011 only around 7400 were adopted by russian families. despite the obvious need for more people who are willing to love these children, russia has banned americans from adopting here. and some officials are now pushing for a total ban on all international adoptions. the orphanage director supports
9:32 am
international adoption because she says there aren't yet enough russian families willing to do it. she says she hopes the government will encourage more russians to adopt. some russian officials fought for the ban on american adoptions because they claim russian children are often mistreated in the united states. it was also a response to an american law targeting russian human rights abuses. critics of the ban like the tens of thousands of russians who marched against i want say the country's orphans are suffering because of a political effort to steer russia away from the west. the debate has split russian society. but few here have ever cell phone its orphans. victor has been cared for by the state since she was 7. she's now 16 and no longer hopes to be adopted. when she was younger she wanted it desperately. because she says it's always
9:33 am
better for a child to be part of a family. >> and phil, on this program, we talked numerous couples who are caught in limbo just not knowing whether they can take those kids home. you got the kids over there who essentially no longer have the possibility of a adoption. where does this go from here? >> reporter: well, suzanne, the logic here in russia among those who are most outspoken say the national disgrace, that so many russian children have effectively been in their words exported overseas in the last few years turned into commodities rather than being looked after here. when you talk to international experts they agree it's usually preferable for orphans to be placed with families within the same culture or country. the concern in this case russia is getting it the wrong way around. by implementing the ban before it has built up a durl of adoption with enough russian families willing to take on the
9:34 am
responsibility russia is effectively condemning so many more children to institutionalized childhoods. >> the whole thing has expanded out. a lot of people want all adoptions banned internationally. is there any chance, any talk there that this ban on say the u.s. adopting russian kids could be reversed? is there any kind of appetite for that? >> michael it doesn't seem likely at all, no. the one remaining battleground however is with american families who have begun their adoption process but not completed it before that ban kicked in. these are people who spent a lot of money, may have already been here, met children, formed a bond with them. they are still fighting for the right to complete that process and take the children home. but it is not looking good in their case. and the outrage we've seen in russia just in the past few days over the death of a russian orphan in texas, that outrage, that concern, that has not head
9:35 am
their cause at all. >> bill, good to see you. one of the things that's important, a lot of those kids are disabled. that americans will adopt. >> yeah. as you pointed out a lot of them just won't be adopted in russia. very sad. we'll switch gears. when we come back have a look at this guy. a year ago all of basketball seemed to be talking was linsanity. >> where is jeremy lin now and what happened to all the excitement? we'll hear from lin in his own words up next.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
welcome back, everyone. of course you remember the nba and fans got swept up in what became known as linsanity. it was crazy. >> all the puns. there were tons of them. lin this, lin that. but after a spectacular few weeks with the new york knicks jeremy lin sat out with an injury and now he was traded to the new york rockets. >> they are hoping he can carry them into the playoffs. he's still a media sensation. >> he told our own rachel nichols he's bringing in the crowds. >> it's crazy how many people were there and how excited they were to just be there and so i
9:39 am
felt kind of like the president almost just being escorted, you know, backway tunnels and crazy stuff. wow, this is really intense. >> the experience you went through, that intense cycle of something happened and then the internet goes crazy and the paparazzi descends and everyone in the world is watching your every step. now that you've been through it what advice would you have for someone? >> slow down and embrace it all. soak it all in. and just have fun with it because at the end of the day, when i think back to it, all i'm going to really have is my memories and thoughts and what i remember from that time. so i'm fortunate to have what happened to me last year and i just remember how fun it was. so that's what i would encourage anyone else going through. >> the best of basketball.
9:40 am
>> it was against the odds thing. >> i got to support my team. >> break through scientists being honored with prestigious awards and big cash prizes. >> it's really cool. the break through prize foundation that's what it's called headed up by facebook ceo mark zuckerburg and other silicon heavy hitters handing out the group's first reward in research for curing deadly diseases. >> each of the 11 winners took home $3 million each twice as much as nobel prize winners get. zuckerburg said the money is well deserved. >> the big thing here is that science and technology are very closely related and when you're building these information technology companies the market reward us and you can make lot of money. but a lot of these folks who are doing extraordinary work in science don't have the same opportunity and because of that i think it would be a shame if a
9:41 am
lot of folks who are growing up trying to figure out what to do now don't choose to go into critical work because of that. >> good for them. >> good idea. >> coming up, kind of like a dirty secret for some of the world's biggest companies, something they keep from their competitors, shareholders and the stock market. >> we're talking about big businesses falling victim to hackers. stay with us. we'll have that when we come back. ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set? all set. with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. chevrolet. find new roads.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. welcome back. the movie," the life of pi." in london it won an award for visual effects. >> though it looks life like, check this out. incredibly 87% of the time you're actually seeing a digitally created tiger on the screen. this is a terrific report here. >> reporter: making a regal entrance. every bengal tire is different. this male is ten years old. and weighs in at about 500
9:45 am
pounds. his name is king. and he was born to be a star. >> every animal has his own look. >> reporter: and king looks very sure of himself. he looks dominant. this story is about king. it's also about his mir r ident twin made for the movies. >> we knew if we had a realty gear, our digital tiger had to be flawless. the tiger took about a year from start to finish and that's before we started doing the animation.
9:46 am
>> reporter: he has been a professional cat trainer since he was 16. for our benefit he put a younger tigress through her paces. he apologized she wasn't king but king is much less easily bendable. half the movie is set on a lifeboat on an ocean the boy pi and the tiger. it was shot in a water tank in taiwan against special effects green and blue screen. for safety reasons the actor and tiger were never filmed together. here is king. creating king's digital twin took about 600 animators. >> one starts painting texas tuesday, all the details of the eye. combing each individual hair. there were 10 million hairs on
9:47 am
the final model. each one had to be hand adjusted. all those things had to be specifically controlled. >> one of the shots i'm most proud of at the end of the film, pi pulled a sock on him that was a digital tiger. >> reporter: 80% is digital tiger, 13% realty gear. >> many friends called me and said to me -- they said great. they didn't even see the difference. most of the time they thought the whole movie is the realty gear. but we, of course knew. >> reporter: the truth is king was marked out for the part literally. the very defined black stripes on his forehead matched the chinese character for king.
9:48 am
it's bittersweet. the company has stunned the film industry by filing for bankruptcy. nick glass, cnn with king and his twin. >> i love that story. >> a great story. nick does some good pieces. coming up and we have a lot of this because the script says it's like playing jenga. we never heard of it. with a high rise. we'll show you how the japanese bought this building to the ground one floor at a time. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos.
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u.s. trade secrets worth billions of dollars confidential government documents and key information about the canes infrastructure. >> these are all prime targets for cyber thieves but attorney general eric holder says the u.s. is fighting back, pushing for tougher cyber security laws, and sharing intelligence with hacked companies. >> and there are plenty of those. thousands of those companies being compromised right now. joining us from san francisco, nicole. good to see you. we talked about this before. you have a front page article in the "new york times" today. you also wrote about it before, how the "new york times" itself was hacked. this has become a very big deal for a lot of companies and the "new york times" disclosed this but a lot of companies don't. tell us why it's a dirty little secret. >> that's right.
9:52 am
there are thousands of companies that we now know have been hacked and you only really hear about a few of them so we came forward and right after we came forward you saw the "wall street journal" come forward. you saw "the washington post" come forward. we reported that bloomberg was hit as well. but you really, these are sort of the tip of the iceberg. the fact is if you ask government officials they say there's only two type of companies in the u.s. now, companies that have been hacked and companies that don't know they've been hacked. the reason you don't hear about the ones that have been hacked kmeen it because they are scared about shareholder lawsuits, scared it will brand a big scarlet letter on their company logo. you don't hear about it. >> china, we talked about this as well is the biggest offender when it comes to hacking. we had that report that accuses the chinese military of being linked to a major hacking group. this was in shanghai.
9:53 am
we'll show you these pictures. this was our own reporter trying to get lose to the building where the hacking is reportedly taking place. they were chased away. what do you make of that response. usually reporters get chased away when they are filming in china without permission. what do you make of that response? >> we were lucky because we were able to break the story. our reporter was able to go out and take pictures pretty quickly with his phone. but now that the story is out i know that they are being very cautious about letting media go report about this. >> china says it's not us. what do you make that? >> yeah. i think their quote is always it's unprofessional and baseless to accuse china. the fact is that there are thousands of attacks that are coming from one ip range in shanghai, and we mention this in our report. we couldn't get in the building.
9:54 am
but if it's not the chinese then there are,000 sansd of hackers outside that building hacking into u.s. companies without china knowing about it which when you think about it is a little preposterous. >> we know they are stealing trade information worth billions of dollars. do we have any idea what this is costing us here in this country. >> there's been estimates all over the place. there was one estimate last year this now will cost the u.s. a trillion dollars. how do you quantify. everybody values their ip differently. without companies stepping forward and saying hey we've been hacked we don't know what's been taken. >> all right. nicole, thanks. appreciate it as always. >> thanks so much. >> now you know a good reporter will do anything to get a story, particularly an aussie. >> this is crazy. >> aussie weatherman. he may have taken a step further than he could handle.
9:55 am
>> identify been fascinated my whole life to do this and i don't want to do it any more. >> he blacked out 10,000 feet. we're going to explain how, why. oh, my god. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened.
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9:58 am
welcome back, everyone. why am i reading this? >> one of you guys. the us aies. >> my people. an australian weatherman known for his on air antics took it a little bit too far. he passed out while broadcasting from a stunt plane. >> his anchors were only too happy for the world to see it for thems. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you're about to see a weatherman's face become more weathered. doing the weather live from a stunt plane on australia's sunrise show. the host and weatherman were all smiles congratulating himself that grant hadn't gotten sick in their words he hadn't spewed. >> not one spew this morning. >> reporter: grant describes
9:59 am
himself as the dummy of live television. he jumps hoops. to make the weather crazy and fun. this time he wanted to experience the force of 8gs. >> i've been fascinated my whole life to do this and i don't want to do it any more. >> reporter: grant urged the stunt pilot on. >> he's breathing. he's breathing. he's breathing. >> reporter: grant's camera went to black as he blacked out. not that he realized he had as he later told us. >> i could have sworn i didn't pass out. i passed out like a 12-year-old girl. >> reporter: after more than 10 seconds ever silence grant started talking. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: grant is far from the first to have his eyes roll back in his head on live tv. it happened to one of glenn
10:00 am
beck's guests. >> you okay? somebody help him. >> reporter: it happens all the time at political rallies. timber! marie osmond's case instead of dancing it was fainting with the stars. the bad thing about passing out on camera -- >> man i don't look pretty when i'm asleep. >> i look like a member of the addams family for a bit. >> reporter: and he tried to get blood to his brain. jeanne moos, cnn. ♪ new york. >> better him than me. >> yeah. >> i'm slightly offended we used sub titles on australian. they going to start doing that for me? you taught see this. great video. tokyo, a new technique being
10:01 am
used for the first time to demolish a hotel. >> not an optical illusion. time lapse video of a building being demolished from the inside, lowered floor by flower. jacks hold up the ceiling as workmen destroy the column. >> the jacks lower and work on the next floor. apparently quieter, cleaner and in a city as densely packed as tokyo safer. >> this guy, he should provide some inspiration for all of us runners. this is the world's oldest marathon runner, 101 years old. >> he's decided to retire after his last race this weekend. it will be in hong kong. he said he feels fine but racing for him is getting tougher at this age. 101. >> wonder what his time is. >> four weeks, three days.
10:02 am
>> don't do that. >> you're a big runner. i drive to the mail box myself. >> we'll drive on out of here. >> thank you, michael. good to see you. oscar pistorius sitting another day in jail waiting for the judge to decide whether or not he gets bail. meanwhile the olympian is losing supporters. nike bales on the blade runner. and former first lady laura bush is featured in this ad supporting same sex marriage. if she has her way you won't see her in the ad that much longer. tim tebow bowing out at a mega church. his pastor hit a nerve. this is cnn newsroom and i'm suzanne malveaux. gunfight car crash on the vegas strip killing three people. check out the pictures.
10:03 am
police say someone in an suv fired at people inside a maserati not far from cesar's palace. that caused the maserati to blow through an intersection causing a multiple car crash. well a taxicab caught fire, killing the driver and a passenger. the maserati's driver also died. three other people involved in the crash were injured. no word yet on what actually led to the actual shooting. now it's a rather scandalous revelation involving a sexual affairs involving two political families. pete domenici admitted having an affair of a daughter of a friend with senator laxalt. this is a secret that was kept between them for more than three decades. why are they coming out with this now?
10:04 am
>> reporter: the indications from the statements that both issued do indicate someone or jones at any time was about to go public and publish this information. we're going to get to their statements in just second. but it's worth noting that senator domen everyone ici back in the late '90s voted to impeach clinton. he did say the impeachment was more about fact that president clinton lied under oath but called the president's behavior tawdry and cited the value of truthfulness. we now know at that very time he was hiding the fact that he had an adult son who he fathered out of wedlock. senator domenici and the woman involved, the daughter of paul laxalt have admitted they had a one night relationship. a statement issued by senator domenici said my past action caused hurt to my wife, children and others. for that i'm solely responsible.
10:05 am
i deeply regret this and am very sorry for my behavior. both domenici and michelle laxalt alluded to the belief that someone was going to go public. that's what prompted them to speak out. here's her statement. recently information has come to me that this sacred situation might be 2015ed, rewritten out of whole cloth and shopped to press outlets large and small in a vicious attempt to smear, hurt and diminish pete domenici, an honorable marines his extraordinary wife, nancy and other innocents. it's not clear if the "journal" was going to reveal this. we tried to interview the person that wrote the article, a man named john robertson. he's decline an interview and declined to tell us any more about the details of this. the son of pete domenici is alex
10:06 am
laxalt and is an attorney in lfrgs. he sent me an e-mail saying i have lived my entire life as a private citizen and intend to remain one. i plan to address personal issues privately and will not be commenting or joining any public discussion opinion i respectfully ask that my wish for privacy be respected. through a representative senator domenici declined an interview with us and we have not been able to reach michelle laxalt for further comment. >> domenici was involved in a scandal for firing eight attorneys. what was that about? >> very interesting moment in time and moment in cnn's television history. this is back in 2007, senator domenici was involved in a scandal in which the bush administration fired eight attorneys. michelle laxalt appeared on
10:07 am
cnn's "larry king live" to defend the senator. >> when you're attacking the integrity of someone who has been in public service for his entire lifetime at great sacrifice, supporting no fewer than eight children and with the many sacrifices and the many contributions senator domenici has made nt only to the country but to the state of new mexico i don't think one political appointee who has a chip on his shoulder because he was asked to leave a position that he wasn't offered per man thency in to begin with should ever take a crack at the senator. >> so, of course, at the time we have no knowledge that she and senator domenici had a child together. she came and defended him. we've not been able to reach michelle laxalt for further comment. >> a former penn state football
10:08 am
coach jerry sandusky trying appeal his conviction one more time. he's saefrg erving a 30 to 60 y sentence. last month a judge in a lower court reject ad motion for a new trial. the sex abuse scandal led to the firing of penn state's long time football head coach the late joe paterno. of course didn't take long only a week after passengers got off the crippled cruise shape "triumph" class action lawsuit being filed on their behalf. on february 10th a fire broke out on that ship bringing the trip, of course, to a screeching halt. thousands of people were stranded for days. the toilet started to overflow. the sue wag leaked into the hall weighs. the lawsuit alleged carnival knew the ship would experience engine problems.
10:09 am
in a few days we're talking about $85 billion. going to be chopped from the federal budget if congress doesn't do something. it will happen automatically across the board and almost no federal agency is going to be able to dodge the cuts. christine romans is reporting from new york. so if this happens next friday that a lot of people are anticipating here, a lot of people are going to be impacted. what are we talking about specifically? >> well, look. when you talk about people getting unemployment checks, people on those federal emergency long term unemployment checks those will be cut by 9.4%. from march to. september, people on those extended benefits will lose about $400 in benefits. so that's first and foremost. look at prices for things we use. think about usda inspectors who are in slaughterhouses and meat-packing plants. fur loss from usda, the secretary of agriculture says you'll see beef prices and pork prices and chicken prices rising
10:10 am
because you'll have delays getting product out of those plants. also national parks a lot of folks have been seeing you can see this as a place to have budget cuts. closure of roads. shorter hours. higher fees to use some of the services. so definitely watch for that. more closures most likely thing for national parks because they are free. >> do we know how deep these cuts will go? >> they go deep. ma meals on wheels. 4 million seniors could lose their meals on wheels. other end. spectrum, head start, 70,000 different spots in head start could go. that's that pre-kindergarten program for many needy americans to get their kids in school early to get them up to speed by kindergarten. 70,000 spots there according to the education department. you could also get like roofs that were blown off by sandy may have to be delayed. you could see small businesses
10:11 am
and homes supplemental bills for repair and recovery for southeast post-sandy work, that could be delayed, put off or not happen all together. so all the way up and down the line you got government agencies touching all different parts of american life trying to figure out how to pull that 9% or 13% of the budget. >> a lot of people hoping there will be a deal but a lot bracing for the possibility there won't be one. thanks. we're looking at a brutal winter storm piling across the country bringing blizzard conditions in many places. 20 states will be affected by this. some will see as much of a foot-and-a-half of snow. missouri in the bull's eye. the governor has declared a state of emergency. the snow will turn into heavy rain and south and east could spawn tornadoes. joining us on the phone ted reynolds. can you hear me? >> the freeways here are a mess.
10:12 am
absolute mess. i was stuck on i 29 for about an hour and a half. just dead still. but on 35, i-70 all of it a mess. the biggest part not just visibility but snow accumulation is piling up and people are getting spun out. trucks are all over the road. couple of medical emergencies which have made it very difficult for first responders to get to those people. they warn people do not drive in these conditions. there's a reason why. this storm is a whopper and it is really hammering the kansas city area and the surrounding area especially the freeways. the airports are closed. just stay off the roads if you're anywhere near this area. >> ted, please be safe. here's what we got going on. tim tebow, he was supposed to talk at a dallas mega church. instead he's back out of his appearance. why? his controversial pastor. we'll hear from the pastor up
10:13 am
next. >> is same sex marriage good for the economy? financial experts suzy orman says it is. she will explain. mission was to get all six james bond actors reunited at the oscars but that mission reportedly a dud. instead can you get your bond fix here? yes. we'll take a look at 007. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta.
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10:16 am
new york's jet quarterback tim tebow had a change of heart. he's cancelling his appearance at a dallas mega church that he was set to speak at in late april. pastor at first baptist dallas has come under criticism for some very publicly held views on catholics, gays and islam. we're following the story. eric give us a sense of what this pastor has said. >> reporter: the pastor at first baptist, 11,000 member congregation said christianity is right and a lot of other religions long. he called mormonism a cult. he said unkind things about islam. he's come under a lot of fire about how he talked about gays
10:17 am
and lesbians. this is part of the reason why this controversy erupted by tim tebow accepting to speak at the church saying he was there to endorse the pastor. how they express those beliefs are much different and obviously tebow is a much softer in how he talks about his faith. pastor jeffers has been more critical about other faiths when he talks about his own. pastor jeffers has been kind enough to join us on the telephone from dallas. good afternoon. thank you for being with us. >> appreciate you having me. let me just say one thing about your report. you know, when it comes to catholicism i've said publicly there will be millions of catholics who will be in heaven because they trusted in christ the savior. i was talking about theological differences.
10:18 am
we're outspoken in our beliefs. it's funny to me that a church like ours that simply says christ is the only way to heaven and sex should be between a man and a woman is somehow now considered to be a hate church. >> well pastor there are some things you said particularly about gays and lesbians that have upset many of them. i want to give you a chance to explain your position on sexual assault -- sexuality. >> actually the ap did a story several weeks ago talking about my compassionate attitude towards homosexuality and that i believe it's a sin like adultery or pre-marital sex. god has a standard for sex and that is a man and a woman in marriage and any deviation from that whether it's homosexuality, adultery, pre-marital sex is wrong. we don't hate homosexuals at all. i have homosexuals friends gays
10:19 am
and lesbians. they are in our church. but we have to uphold the truth of god's word. god created sex. he knows how it operates best. >> pastor let me ask you this last question here. your criticism has been how you spoken. do you think this controversy will to change the way you approach these issues and how you talk about them even if what you believe doesn't change? >> no. because people who know me and listen to my messages rather than listening to people characterizing my message we are filled with hope. i've had letters there gays and lesbians that have attend our service and we were surprised how compassionately you dealt with the subject. we'll be a love hope based church and that's not going change. >> pastor thank you so much for joining us. suzanne, back to you. former first lady laura bush featured in this ad supporting
10:20 am
same sex marriage but she would like to take her participation out of that ad and not be in it. then suzy orman tells us why same sex marriage is good for the economy.
10:21 am
10:22 am
big bird, back in politics after mitt romney threatened the pbs star. the white house announcing first lady michelle obama teaming up with "sesame street's" big bird for two public announcements.
10:23 am
they are encouraging kids to get active and eat healthy. former first lady laura bush featured in the ad supporting same sex marriage. the respect for marriage features other republicans supporting same sex marriage. a spokesperson said mrs. bush did not approve of her inclusion or associated with the group that made the ad. she's asked the group to remove her name from that particular ad. same group behind the ad invited financial expert suzy orman to host an event in new york today. she talked about how banning same sex marriage actually hurts the economy and now orman's comments come at a time when the supreme court is considering
10:24 am
constitutionality of the defense of marriage act. it defines as marriage exclusively between a man and a woman. it allows states not to recognize same sex marriage licenses that are issued in other states. so, suzy, good to see you. you're not a member of the group. we want to make that clear. you're not in this ad. but you were invited to speak before the group. you're making the case now allowing gay couples to get married makes financial sense. temple us how? >> it makes financial sense because many people may not know that just because nine states and the district of columbia have passed same sex marriage that doesn't mean that the federal government has passed it. so the federal government does not on any level recognize same sex marriage. here you are in your work and this is just one example. you want your spouse, same sex couple on your health insurance policy. to cover him or her. you will have to pay income taxes on that imputed benefit. many of the couples we talked to this morning when we were giving
10:25 am
our talk at nyu, it costs them anywhere between $5,000 and $9,000 more per year in taxes because of those benefits. or added income to themselves. now that is money that doesn't go into the economy. now while it's true that they pay more in taxes, the taxes are not in the united states of america what holds up the economy, the earnings and job growth and everything like that holds it up. that is millions and millions of dollars not going into the economy because of things like that. that's just one example. >> give us an example, i you know have our own, you have been married to your partner for quite sometime. you were married in south africa several years ago. how does it impact you personally? >> it impacts me personally it's no secret or you would hope somebody in my position would be a very wealthy woman and when i die if k. t. were still alive or vice versa, k. t. or myself
10:26 am
we'll lose over 50% or approximately 50% of our estate to estate taxes. if we were married and recognized on the federal level we would not owe one penny of tax. how would all the heterosexuals that were married if they knew upon the death of one of them if they have a certain size of estate they will lose up to half of that estate. they wouldn't stand for it. it affects me on that level. it affects me for the fact that i've been gay my entire life. this is something i've been fighting for my entire life. i pay a lot of money in income tax. i do everything i can to help america with their money problems. i really feel i should be recognized every single gay person in the united states of america should be recognized for who they love and not penalized for it financially speaking. >> you make a financial
10:27 am
argument. you make a social justice argument. you know a lot of people turn, we just heard from the pastor five minutes ago making a moral argument. how would you respond to him who doesn't seem to acknowledge it at all even saying it's not legitimate. >> he can say what he wants and obviously people are going to follow him with that. but the majority of people in the united states of america especially the young ones today i do not believe that they believe in what the pastor said. they believe in human equality. they believe in civil rights. they believe in economic rights. they just don't believe what our interpretation, of what god would want is how it should be. they look at people their sons and daughters and parents and best friends they are employer, employees, it's everybody today. so everyone, we belong to the united states of america, we need to be united for everybody not just for the elite
10:28 am
heterosexual few but for everybody. >> suzy orman, good to see you. a bizarre twist in the oscar pistorius case. the olympic runner faces premeditated murder charges the investigator is face several counts of attempted murder. a live report from south africa up next.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
big change in one of the world's biggest murder cases in south africa. this is the detective who was leefding the investigation into the valentine's day killing of reeva steenkamp. she's the girlfriend of olympic star athlete oscar pistorius. today that detective is out, replaced after the court learned about his own legal problems. we'll go live to pretoria south africa. i find this extraordinary. this bombshell that this guy, the lead investigator of this
10:32 am
murder charge had been charged facing murder charges himself. how is that even possible? >> reporter: well it is. it is. the police seem to say they knew about these charges for alleged murder, seven counts of alleged murder. they knew about it. you just heard the police commissioner talk to cnn. they have obviously decided to remove him from this case. this is obviously a matter of credibility. remember this is the same man, same investigating officer who gave extremely weak, quite poor evidence yesterday in court and i think for the prosecution they would no doubt like a stronger team which they now got. south african authorities putting their top detectives on this case, high-profile case and many people asking why didn't they do it soon center >> how is it they didn't know this guy was charged with murder before. was it swept under the rug? >> reporter: they did know. this is the thing. this is a process.
10:33 am
they say the national prosecuting authority knew about this. he shot seven times at a mini bus taxi along with his colleagues. this took place while on shift. there was talk this group of policemen were drunk. this is something, this charge was removed off the books and now been reinstated. ate bit confusing, i must say. either way the man is no longer investigating oscar pistorius case and it's one extra sort of bizarre twist and turn in this dramatic story. >> absolutely unbelievable. just day after day. almost like, you just can't make it up. thank you very much. oscar pistorius still in jail. we're still awaiting another day to see just how long he'll stay in there as they determine his bail hearing. the brother of the victim in the shooting of reeva steenkamp says he hopes that pistorius stays in jail.
10:34 am
he talked to our own jake taper. >> what was your impression of her relationship with oscar pistorius? >> i had no bad indications whatsoever. i did not actually talk to my sister in any detail about oscar at all. i mean, in fact, i didn't talk to my sister about oscar at all. there was no indication that anything was bad. i mean we know reeva. she was happy. if reeva was happy everything was okay. >> that was last night on anderson cooper 360 telling him he hadnever even met pistorius. we have shocking video showing two little girls fighting here, pulling hair, slapping each other. the worst part sounds like adults are actually egging them on. showed up on youtube. we got new details. inted one of his master works at 56.
10:35 am
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10:37 am
so, the video is kind of shocking and it's not just because little girls are fighting. it's actually because you got adults who essentially are egging them on. watch. >> slap her. slap her. >> all right. so we're watching this, you know. i mean some of it, you know, smacking, pulling hair, some of this, you know, we've seen before. but what is really strange and crazy about this is you've got
10:38 am
people, adults who seem to be encouraging this. what do we know about this video that's emerged? >> reporter: the question is whether this rises to the level of child abuse or child endangerment. that's what detectives are trying to figure out. it's disturbing not just adults or maybe it was teenagers let this happen but one in one of them recorded it and then posted it online. as you look at the video it starts with a face to face confrontation. listen to those adults or teenagers shouting to have this continue, both of the children appear somewhat defiant. the child in the black says it's a play fight. the adult says no you were play fighting before. then the tone changes. grab her. slap her. the adults or teen urge the girl
10:39 am
in white to slap the other child. it lasts for 40 seconds. the child in black doesn't fight. she's clearly in pain. visibly shocked that her friend is doing this to her and that the others are cheering for this to happen. she starts to cry. what you don't see she grabs her backpack suggesting this happened after school. look at her there. she's in clear distress and later you hear hearsay i'm not going jail. there are other children around as this recording place. it appears perhaps it was teenagers making this fight happen. a manhattan special investigation unit is investigating. they are trying to figure out where it took place. it is clearly so distressing and so disturbing and police could potentially file charges if they figure out who was involved in all of this. >> this is wrong on so many levels. do we think any of the adults who were there were the parents or these were people who just happened to be on the schoolyard? do we have any idea?
10:40 am
>> reporter: no. it's so totally unclear. that's why detectives are trying to track it down. it's one of those instance where something bad happens and then rather than have broken the ups or adults intercede what ends up happening you see this video posted on youtube and that want itself is fundamentally disturbing. >> they are encouraging these kids then videotaping these kids and then post it on youtube. i don't even understand it. let us know if you get any details. if you love seafood, pretty fishy situation. snapper, tuna you bought might not be the real thing. we'll take a look at fish next. and how does it feel to wear google's new glasses. this is a company that has a video that gives you a glimpse at reality altering eye wear. that's right. it's the real deal. right after this. first what dr. gupta has coming
10:41 am
up on the next list. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on the next list -- >> my name is diandiana. i like to work with electronics in fashion. it's what people think of as adding technology to a garment. >> that is so clever. >> i integrated in a way where the circuit can become a part of the design itself. i work with conductive thread which replaces wires. today this dress has some magic powers. >> no. it's the electronics. it has some circuit boards over here and microcontrollers in there. basically like a little computer and then there's a microphone over here. so the microphone senses if there's sound and then the little computer over here will make these l.e.d.s light up because they are connected with
10:42 am
conductive thread instead of wires. as a designer i ultimately want to create products that people can relate to. >> that's this sunday on the next list. [ whirring ] [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits,
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these glasses will change the kwa you see the world. >> take a picture. >> wow. that's really cool. so those are special glasses that let you actually take pictures and you can look up stuff too but not just anybody can buy these. i want to bring in our digital style expert, mario armstrong to join us. tell us about google announcing this contest to see who gets these special glasses and what do they do? >> reporter: so let's start with
10:46 am
what they actually do. these glasses are really the future here now. what these glasses can do is take video from the actual glasses as you mentioned, take pictures but also be able to do things translate languages and also be aware of where you are. let's say for example you're heading to the airport and once you arrive at the airport your itinerary or flight information says the plane is delayed or the flight is on time. these are like wearing a computer on your face, on your eye. it's pretty intense what the capabilities of what this will bring. i can imagine even going out home shopping wearing these glasses and you look at a home that's for sale and outside of the home you'll be able to get images or information or data or even a video playing about the inside of that home through these glasses. >> that sounds kind of cool, mario on first blush. could you not get distracted.
10:47 am
would it get in the way of real life happening if you have videos and information popping in your glasses all the time? >> reporter: i think there's definitely some validity to that type of comment. we already have things that we're trying to figure out how to do more than one thing at a time. i'm not suggesting that's right or wrong but we're already using our phones, putting on ear buds, doing a lot of these things already. i think with it will be a lot of common sense. but i think it's going to be much better than always having to whip out your phone. i much rather have a pair of glasses that would give me my information where i could still see things as posed to looking down. >> how much are these glasses going for and what do they look like? >> reporter: they are $1500. not everyone can get these right away. they are running a contest as you mentioned. i think this is smart. what they are trying to do is a, build buzz. but two, get these glasses out
10:48 am
in the wild with people who really want to do some interesting things with them to try to come up with all the different use cases for these glasses. so you have to send in 50 words or less why you want a pair of these glasses through their website or through twitter and then have the $1500 to pay for them. >> have you already submitted your application? >> reporter: i've submitted like three. i'm going to have my brother, my wife, my mother, everyone submitting on my behalf. i want to be the first journalist that would actually wear these out in the field, compiling news reports doing news gathering and conducting interviews. >> some people, the skydiving thing. they put the glasses on and can we see you in one of those. you can do a dive for us? >> reporter: that's one thing i won't do for you. although oil jump out of a plane. for you oil jump out of a plane.
10:49 am
>> mario you said the right thing. leapt us know how it goes. maybe i'll submit an application for you too. thanks, mario. some people said cars, others might have said mass emails. this kid sent out a music video. got two celebrities as well to get in on the action. ♪ understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them.
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there is probably something that is it's not quite right about the fish. is that what they found? >> 90% is actually imported and that includes fish that was caught here and sent overseas for processing. that's a really, really long food chain and deception can happen along the way from the boat to somebody mislabeling fish. >> to make sure we get the right
10:54 am
fish, you can buy the entire fish to know what you are getting and if the price is too good to be true for i piece of tuna or snapper, it is probably not tuna or snapper. ask the seller questions like where did it come from, whether or not it was farm raised or wild. daniel bloom is having a barmitzvah. instead of sending the save the day, he invited guests with this. check it out. >> i'm drawing a blank. a knock on the door. >> that's the video. ludicrous is welcome to atlanta, changing the words to his big day. >> getting mean and lean. i split my spleen and now i'm going to turn 13. working hebrew since i was 5. didn't even know if i'd survive. >> a couple of celebrities in there as well. and well-known places in atlanta. daniel turns 13 on may 10th.
10:55 am
happy birthday. saluting bond, james bond. where would bond be without the villains? if you can't wait, stick around. we are coming up and looking at 50 years of 007. ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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sunday night's oscar ceremony will feature a star studded celebration of bond, jail bond. this would not be an iconic super spy and history without the super villains and evil schemes. now a museum giving the road gallery its due. barbara star has the story. >> daniel craig. 007 battled evil for a half century.
10:59 am
as this year's oscars celebrate 50 years of bond. >> you expect me to talk? >> mr. bond, i expect you to die. >> here at the washington, d.c. spy museum, it's bond's enemies in the spotlight. >> james bond. allow me to introduce myself. >> bond's villains were a creative bunch. you can find the steal teeth of jaws and houston moon raker. >> his name is jaws. he kills people. >> the tarantula in dr. know and the rope used to beat bond in casino royal. the exhibit, exquisitely evil, shows us how the villages changed along with the times. you see the director is a former covert officer.
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